About Me
My name is Priyanka M.. I'm a 29-year-old.

My birthday is
January 1, 1994.
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Andhra Pradesh

My Story

My husband name was named Tatarao. We have three children, one boy and two girls. My husband was an agricultural laborer. He used to go to work every day and managed to provide for our family. In this way my family has been living happily. But unfortunately, all of a sudden, COVID attacked my family and turned us upside-down. COVID killed my husband within no time. No one is caring about us, even blood relatives, because of COVID fear. We all became helpless. I couldn’t understand what is going on in my life, but soon after his demise, we began facing bitter experiences.  Sorrow, pain and agony are everywhere around me. Only tears have become my food and drink. I was thrown into great worry. Whenever I think about future and children, my heart is breaking down and fell into fear.  

Then I made up my mind, and started doing something to feed my children. Now I am going to households to do work like washing clothes, cleaning dishes, and sweeping. Eventhough I work daily, I still struggle to meet all of the needs of my family.