A young man named Kalpen wanted me to send his heartfelt thanks and share his story. 

As a young child, Kalepen lived with his parents and a younger sister in a small hut. His parents were very poor, and their financial condition was very bad. They were daily wage labourers, farming and selling snack items they made on the roadside.  

Since Kalepen’s parents were poor and not able to provide for his needs, his parents put him in one of our youth hostels, in hopes of a better future for their child.  Kalepen studied there from his 1st grade until he graduated.  Kalepen’s hard work and your financial support opened opportunities for Kalepen to then go to college! 

]With his college degree, and additional training, Kalepen started as a teller at the State Bank of India.  He continued to prove himself and was quickly promoted to banker, then bank manager, and was recently offered a job as a general manager with 100 banks under his supervision!   

When he was a young child he used to live with his parents in a small hut. But now he was able to build a nice house and is living with his extended family. This was all because of your sponsorship! 

He shares that if it weren’t for his sponsors, there was no chance for him to study. He believes he would have been a daily wage worker like his parents, struggling to support himself and a family. 

It is because of sponsorship he received an education, food, clothing, health care and now he has a high paying job to earn and support his family.   

He wants to thank everyone who supported him financially and prayed for him! 

I am happy to report that Kalepen’s story ends up the way we hope for all children in India!  For. Kalepen, the cycle of poverty has been broken because of your faithful support.  

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