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The first moment Alok arrived at our safe house, we could sense the deep wounds he carried inside. His dark eyes betrayed a pain that is hard to fathom.

His father died in a car accident when he was just a child and his mother, rejected by family, was eventually lured to the sex trade. She raised him as a single mother but failed to protect him from the exploitation of those around them. Alok was angry, deeply scarred, and hopeless.

But thanks to generous support from donors like you, Alok got a fresh start in one of our safe houses. He finally found the care, comfort, and security he deserves.

Today, we're immensely proud to share that his mother has left the sex trade and started a reputable job with the government. And Alok? He's changed. He's hopeful and optimistic. Both him and his mother are thriving outside of the red-light district.

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Ravi's mother wants nothing but the best for her son. Being the only two in their family, they have to rely on each other for everything, including fetching water from a distant well. It often made Ravi late or miss school altogether.

But now, thanks to a new well in their village, they don't have to trek long distances anymore. And Ravi's mother couldn't be happier. Finally, her son can go to school and get the education he deserves.

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Meet Saina, a bright young girl who is about to enter 7th grade. She lives with her parents, two brothers and two sisters in a shanty house in the slums. They work hard as ragpickers to provide for their family but still having food, clothing, and shelter is a daily struggle.

Education was a luxury they couldn't afford. Then she was given the opportunity to attend one of our slum schools. Saina is now making excellent grades and has hopes that focusing on her studies will give her a better life. Thanks to your support, we can continue to provide education to children like Saina!

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We value our donors' trust and work hard to ensure that their contributions are used effectively to serve our beneficiaries. Our organization designs and implements programs that create sustainable solutions to poverty in India.


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Our team works hard to understand the needs of our donors and keep them updated on the progress of their donation. We keep you updated on the projects you have funded with regular communication.


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