Neeta gets up gets up early every day and helps with chores and getting her siblings ready for school. She does everything she can to be faithful with her family and her studies.   

At a young age, Neeta showed extra initiative and a dedication to learning.  The school Neeta attended just didn’t have the resources to accommodate her love for learning, but that didn’t stop Neeta!  She consumed books and taught herself with any resources she could find.  She applied to the India Partners sponsorship program in hopes of receiving a better education, to go to college to be a teacher.   

It is through your monthly support that Neeta’s life has been HUGELY impacted. By India partners sponsorship program, Neeta was able to attend a better school where she is thriving.   

We are happy to report to you that Neeta has graduated and was accepted into college. She can now become the teacher she always dreamed of becoming.  Your sponsorship, and Neeta’s hard work made her the first in her family to go to college! 

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