Gender Male
Birth Date Oct 08, 2004
Age 14 years old
Sponsorship Type


Sahil, used to be a very restless child who disliked school. His father owns an auto-rickshaw and his mother is a vicitm of human trafficking. Sahil also has two siblings and this family of five tries to survive on $20 per month, which is the combined income of both the parents. Due to their poverty, Sahil was malnourished and had poor hygiene.

After Sahil started to attend our partner's after-school program, he began to listen and practice the values he was being taught, such as personal hygiene. Sahil now helps his mother clean their house and his character has undergone a change for the better. Sahil's health is also improving as he has learned to wash his hands before every meal.

Your sponsorship will help Sahil continue to receive proper nutrition, educational support, life skills and most importantly, hope for a bright future!

*No photo to protect his identity - upon sponsorship you will receive photos and updates of Sahil.

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