Gender Male
Birth Date Oct 04, 2004
Age 14 years old
Sponsorship Type


Aman lives in a slum area in Mumbai. He would often fight with other children and use foul language. He would steal money from his mother, dress in dirty  clothes and live in an unhealthy manner.

Slowly, through many visits and counselling, Aman has started attending our partner's after-school program. Over time, he has learned to dress neatly and is starting to implement the positive values he is being taught at the after-school program.

Aman enjoys participating in dance, drama, singing songs and listening to encouraging stories. He also loved the recent field trip to a local dairy.

As Aman has gained a renewed interest in school, he hopes to be admitted in a an English-speaking course that will help him be able to join the police force, as he dreams, when he grows older!

Your sponsorship will help Aman be able to achieve his dream of becoming a police officer.  It will allow him to receive educational support, good food and counseling as grows and matures.

*No photo to protect his identity - upon sponsorship you will receive photos and updates of Aman.

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