Sachin Shivaji Rathod
Ref# SCS-E-5C

About Me
My name is Sachin Shivaji Rathod. I'm a 14-year-old boy.

My birthday is
August 15, 2005.
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My Story

Sachin has grown up on the streets of a neighborhood that is unsafe and a bad influence on children. Before attending our partner's after-school program, Sachin was heavily influenced by the bad company he kept. He would swear and pick fights at home. He would also roam the streets late into the night, have trouble waking up the next day and end up being late for school.

At the after-school program, with an emphasis on education, Sachin received the help he needed with his studies. As a result of this, his interest in school improved. He is now an active participant in dance, skits,  and action songs conducted at the after-school program. He enjoys drawing and craft activities and especially the annual picnics organized by the after-school program.

The education he receives at the after-school program is reflected in his behavior too. Sachin is now more disciplined and well-mannered. He goes to bed early and makes it to school on time. He no longer picks fights at home. He is helpful to his peers and his mother.

Your sponsorship will ensure that Sachin is able to continue attending the after-school program where he can receive a good education and healthy food.  Most importantly, your support will give him a bright future.

*No photo to protect his identity - upon sponsorship you will receive photos and updates of Sachin.