About Me
My name is Mani Divya P.. I'm a 8-year-old.

My birthday is
November 16, 2014.
General Health

No health concerns at this time

Level in School

1st grade

Height (Pre-K - 12th Standard Only)


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My Story

Mani Divya's father recently passed away due to a motorcycle accident, leaving her mother to raise two very young girls on her own. Mani Divya's mother earns money by mending and sewing clothes, but there is often not enough work for her to make ends meet.  This family struggles to pay their rent and have enough food to eat.  Mani Divya would like to go to school, but at this time, her mother cannot afford it.  Your support will ensure that Mani Divya can go to school and have enough food to eat every day. This will give Mani Divya and her family hope for a brighter future.