About Me
My name is Praveen Punem. I'm a 23-year-old.

My birthday is
January 1, 1998.
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Andhra Pradesh

My Story

Pastor Praveen comes from a tribal background. His father was killed in an electrical accident when Praveen was only eight years old. Five years after his father's death, Praveen's mother married a pastor. Sadly, Praveen stopped his education because he was drinking heavily and getting into trouble.

One day, Praveen decided to take responsibility for himself, and began a job as contractor. The job paid well, but Praveen severely broke his leg and was no longer able to do contractor work. During this time, a pastor came and shared the Gospel with him in a way that made him finally understand.

That day, Praveen accepted Jesus as his savior and repented for his past life. Praveen began reading his Bible and praying fervently. Soon after, he joined a Discipleship Mission Training Program. Pastor Praveen feels called to live his life in service to God, bringing the Good News to tribal people, like himself. Your support will provide Pastor Praveen with proper food, clothing and a safe place to live.