About Me
My name is Ravi Thotaii. I'm a 31-year-old.

My birthday is
July 4, 1990.
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Andhra Pradesh

My Story

Pastor Ravi grew up in a large, poor family. Due to their poverty, he was only able to complete 5th grade before he had to stop his education and begin doing daily-labor work. His family was Christian, but as a young man, Ravi did not understand salvation and repentance. Ravi's mother prayed for him daily as her desire was to have at least one of her children have an education.  

When he was 16, Ravi's mother convinced him to go back to school.  So, Ravi would go and work in the fields during the day and then go to school from 7pm-11pm.  Eventually, Ravi completed his standard education and then went on to attend an Engineering College. Now, Pastor Ravi is doing ministsry part-time among very poor villages as well as working part-time in engineering to help support himself. Ravi would like to do ministry full time. Your support will help Pastor Ravi fulfill his calling of becoming a full-time minister.