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Help provide running shoes to children in India

Worship that will foster an encounter with God
India Partners is excited to partner with a new radio station called Worship 24/7

A personal note from India Partners

We are excited that India Partners has been chosen to be part of Worship 24/7. We believe that bringing hope and justice to the poor and oppressed is our mission as followers of Jesus because He is the One who we worship.

We are deeply thankful that God has selected us to be part of this movement extolling and praising the name of His Son.


India Partners


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Worship 24/7 is a radio station focused on Worship that will foster an encounter with God.

This is a brand new station that you'll definitely want to listen to. Worship 24/7 will "facilitate an experience with God that is so personal that He permanently changes one’s priorities and sparks the life-long process of being conformed to the image of Jesus."

Tune in and learn how you can help people in India

India Partners is excited to be featured on Worship 24/7. As you worship and connect with the music, you will also learn more about the amazing work happening in India. You'll discover new ways you can change the lives of poor children and families in India. All on a radio station devoted to worship and connecting you with God. Please check it out at worship247.com.

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