Team Transformation

Bringing hope to those in India brick by brick


Team Transformation Vision

To bring clean water, food, economic opportunity, and the hope of Jesus to one village in India.  

The Progress – After Year One!

For the past year, Pastor Yohan and his team of specialists on the ground have been engaging with our village and meeting their most urgent needs – including successfully installing a clean water well, funded by our KTSY family – which has already made villagers more receptive to the Gospel!

“With your partnership we installed this solar water well here and the people are really blessed. Before people were dormant to the Gospel, but now they are open, they want to know Jesus!” – Pastor Yohan, India Partners

The village is beginning to be lifted out of poverty and clean water has been a massive step in the transformation process, but our work is far from finished!

The Work to be Done

In the next year, Team Transformation’s goal is to build the Community Center where even more transformation can begin:

  • More medical needs can be addressed
  • Children can be educated
  • Adults can get skills and job training
  • Church can be held and the Gospel can be shared!

A one-time gift of $150 today will provide 60 “bricks” for the construction of the center, tools for training, educational materials, and Bibles for the church that will gather there.

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