Provide A Week of Safety in India's Red-Light Districts

How many days of safety can you provide?

The Need

Today, there are at least 5 million children of sex workers in India. These children grow up surrounded by danger and are often left alone during the day while their mothers are sleeping. At night, some are drugged and put under the bed while their mothers work the sex trade. Children left to live in this environment are at extremely high risk of being abused or used in the trade themselves. 

The Solution

You can rescue a child from the red-light districts and relocate them to a safe home where they will receive nutritious meals, full-time schooling, counseling, and experience the love of Jesus. The goal is to work with both children and their mothers, preparing families to be reunited for a life of flourishing outside the red-light district.

Long-Term Impact

You are providing a child hope and healing in a caring and supportive environment. Getting them out of the red-light districts prevents them from working in the sex trade, giving them hope and a future.


Thank you for providing safety, rescue and care to a child in need!

$62 provides one week of safety.

$275 provides one month of safety.

$1,650 provides six months of safety.

$3,300 provides a year of safety.

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