COVID-19 Relief Aid
Your gift will provide immediate relief to families and vulnerable communities in India as they navigate this difficult time

You can keep children and families in India from starvation

Covid-19 has created a disaster of enormous magnitude for the poor in India. India has entered a second wave of the virus and this time it's even more severe. Over 300,000 new cases are being reported on average every day. The poor in India are desperate for food, their survival is precarious. They're out of work, out of food and out of money.  Worse, they have no hope.

Your gift will provide food and essentials to starving children and families. When you give, you are the answer to prayers which are cried out to God with many tears.

How you can be the difference:

Your gift will provide those with the greatest need enough help to survive for about 21 days. $45 will provide sufficient food, soap, sanitizer and masks for one family

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