Days of Safety

Provide safety, rescue, and care for girls being exploited in the red-light district


The Need

Today, there are at least 5 million children of sex workers in India. These children grow up surrounded by brothels, drugs and prostitution because their mothers often work or live in these areas.



You can rescue a child from the red-light districts and relocate them to a safe home in a nice neighborhood, well outside the red-light areas. They will receive nutritious meals, clothing, medical care, counseling, full-time schooling and experience the love of Jesus.


Long-Term Impact

You are providing a child hope and healing in a caring and supportive environment. It will provide them with the resources to have successful futures and positively contribute to their community.


Your gift will save a child

  • $62 provides about a week of safety, rescue, and care.
  • $124 provides about two weeks of safety, rescue, and care.
  • $275 provides about a month of safety, rescue, and care
  • $1,650 provides six months of safety

Will you provide days of safety today?

$62 provides a week of safety, rescue, and care

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