AT THIS VERY MOMENT, it's estimated over 3 million people are working the red-light districts in India. 

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We know that the process of "rescuing" women and children from India's red-light districts can seem complex. That's why we've put together a list to help you better understand the challenges and nuances involved in the rescue and rehabilitation process. By educating ourselves on this issue, we can work together towards a brighter future for these vulnerable girls.

Red-light districts in India are areas where prostitution is rampant and often associated with human trafficking. Some of the most notable red-light districts in India include Kamathipura in Mumbai, G.B. Road in Delhi, Sonagachi in Kolkata, and Budhwar Peth in Pune. These areas are notorious hotspots for human trafficking and are often used as transit points for victims who are being trafficked or forced into prostitution.

Our approach to rescue is centered around building relationships with the women and families involved. We don't participate in police-guided extractions, we start by introducing women to our programs, providing them with retraining and counseling. We often use humanitarian avenues to connect with women such as medical camps, food distribution, and blanket distribution.  The women are then given the opportunity to admit their children into our safe houses without any use of force. Through our compassionate approach, we create a way out for those looking to leave the sex trade and begin a new life. We offer a comprehensive package of services to ensure that the women are safe and can lead fulfilling lives. This includes education, vocational training, counseling, health care, legal aid, and even job placement. In addition to providing these essential services directly to our clients, we also advocate for legislation that provides better protection for trafficked individuals by engaging with local authorities.

The children of sex workers face unimaginable struggles- abuse, discrimination, and isolation from society due to the severe stigma attached to their circumstances. Neglect, financial instability, and a lack of proper parental figures can also leave these vulnerable children open to the influence of their surroundings, which could lead them down a path of delinquency or into the sex trade. Many children are tied to beds, locked in closets, and hidden under beds while their mother "works".  The effects of this trauma can be devastating if we don't step in to help.  

Once these children are placed into our safe houses, our team of trained house parents receives them, making every effort to ensure they have a warm and secure welcome. They provide the children with food, clothing, access to education, healthcare, ongoing counseling and therapy, and skill-building workshops.

Our caretakers strive to create a family-like environment in the safe houses. Each of our safe houses is created to sustain between ten and fifteen children. Caretakers are trained to offer the kind of essential care and support each child needs. They prioritize the well-being of the children above all else, ensuring that the children form deep relationships with skilled mentors.

At times, a mother may not return, but we do encourage visitation. Our fundamental objective is to offer a secure environment for the children while providing mothers with vocational training, counseling, mentorship, and support to the mothers. Some mothers may opt not to leave the sex trade but want their children to have a better life, so they live at our safe houses.

We have aftercare homes for those who are 18 and older, providing children with a safe and supportive environment as they transition into adulthood. Our aftercare homes are designed to give them the freedom and resources required to pursue their career and become productive members of society, lifting them out of poverty. We offer a range of services that can assist them in their journey, including access to continued education, job training, mental health counseling, and life skills training. Many of these young adults attend college or vocational schools, obtain their first jobs, and receive support and care to thrive and succeed. The goal of our aftercare homes is to create a safe and supportive atmosphere where individuals can heal, grow, and prepare to enter the world as independent, self-sufficient adults.

We offer three educational centers specifically for children living in red-light districts. These centers not only provide academic support but also offer care, meals, and a safe space for children to go to while still living at home. Our caring team provides individualized support to ensure that each child's unique needs are met, whether it helps with their schooling or social and emotional support. By offering these vital resources, we help to create a more secure future for these vulnerable children.

The children of sex workers face unimaginable struggles- abuse, discrimination, and isolation from society due to the severe stigma associated with their circumstances. 

One of the key components to rehabilitating mothers is vocational training, such as sewing schools and other skill-building workshops. Often we help set up businesses for these brave women or give them farm animals to raise. We understand that many of these women have been in the trade for an extended period, and as a result, have limited capacity for other work. That's why our program is tailored to meet individual needs and build on existing skills. By providing them with these employment opportunities, they can become self-sufficient, gain confidence and support their families. 

Yes, we provide healthcare services for those in red-light communities such as HIV/AIDS testing and immunization clinics. We also provide education on health and hygiene practices to help prevent the spread of disease.

We don't have safe houses that are totally free like for children, we find it is better for a woman's rehabilitation to provide housing at a low monthly cost.  That way, we're able to empower women on their journey to recovery by giving them housing responsibilities, employment opportunities through jewelry-making, and financial education to help them achieve financial independence. 



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You are changing the lives of vulnerable children and providing them with an environment of hope and healing. Your generosity helps to rescue these children from the cycle of poverty and exploitation, ensuring they don't have to resort to the sex trade for survival. Your support empowers them with the resources, tools, and skills they need to build a successful future. Thank you for making a difference in their lives.

  • $8.89 supports a child for a day
  • $62 supports a child for a week
  • $124 supports a child for two weeks
  • $275 supports a child for a month
  • $3300 supports a child for an entire year!

Stories of Impact
Read about your gifts in action


Ayasha's life has been full of hardships and struggles. Growing up in red light area with an abusive father, her childhood was marked by trauma and instability. Her mother, Sabina, worked tirelessly to provide for her family, but had to resort to sex work to make ends meet. With a desperation to offer her daughter a better future, Sabina brought Ayasha to live at one of our girl's Hostel.

At first, the adjustment wasn't easy for Ayasha. It was the first time she'd ever been away from her mother, so emotions ran high. She often found herself at odds with other kids in the hostel and struggled to find where she fit. But with time, support and guidance from dedicated staff members, Ayasha started to bloom. She adapted well to new habits and responsibilities while excelling academically with her passion for drawing and painting evident through her artworks.

Ayasha dreams of becoming a police inspector - an aspiration that is an ode to both her courage and perseverance. Ayasha's journey is a reminder of how powerful the human spirit can be when there is care and support behind it.

Kaveri's story is one full of courage and inspiring hope. Despite being born into hardship, she has become an outstanding student with a bright future ahead of her. Growing up in Bhiwandi red light area with her sick mother and two younger brothers, the absence of her father left them to fend for themselves. However, Revathi - Kaveri's mother - was determined to give her daughter a chance at success, and so she sought admission for Kaveri at one of our safe houses.

The transition was difficult for the shy, soft-spoken Kaveri who had never been away from family before. But with help and encouragement from the staff and other girls, Kaveri gradually blossomed into a compassionate young woman who valued sharing and caring for others above all else. In addition to this, she proved to be a keen learner, adept in English despite no prior educational background, becoming the best performer in class!

Kaveri's accomplishments are a testament not only to her hard work but also to the unwavering support offered by your donations. Looking forward towards the future, new opportunities now await Kaveri as well as her mother Revathi - eager to reintegrate into society and start anew - both destined for greater success. 

Mother and Daughter Finding A Way Forward