Days Of Safety


Days of safety

The Need

Every day in India, thousands of children are born into the red-light districts. Today, there are at least 5 million children of sex workers in India. These children grow up surrounded by brothels, drugs and prostitution because their mothers often work or live in these areas. The children are often left alone during the day while their mothers are sleeping. At night, some are drugged and put under the bed while their mothers work the sex trade. Children left to live in this environment are at an extremely high risk for being abused or used in the trade themselves. 

I want to help! How do I start?

You can rescue a child from the red-light districts and relocate them to a safe home in a nice neighborhood, well outside the red-light areas. They will receive medical care, counseling, full-time schooling and experience the love of Jesus. They will have house parents, a private tutor, and will live in a caring home where they can thrive. If their mother is still living, they are granted supervised visits.

You can save children from being trapped in the brothels, where they experience abuse, drug addiction, and trauma. Please consider making a gift to give them a better life.

Give now and save a child today!

  • $50 provides about a week of safety, rescue and care.
  • $100 provides about two weeks of safety, rescue and care.
  • $212 provides about a month of safety, rescue and care.


Give Now & Save a Child!