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COVID-19 has created a disaster of enormous magnitude for the poor in India. The government lockdown has stopped day laborers from being able to earn a living and they have no way to buy food or pay their bills. 

Your gift will provide food and essentials to starving children and families. When you give, you are the answer to prayers which are cried out to God with many tears.

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Helping poor children and families in India
India Partners is happy to join the Financial Issues with Dan Celia Radio Show

A personal note from Dan

We are excited to be partnering with India Partners. We believe that bringing hope and justice to the poor and oppressed is our mission as followers of Jesus.

You are here for a special reason. We are deeply thankful that God has selected us to be part of his mission to help those in great need.

Please join me in supporting India Partners and take a look at the different opportunities you can make a difference in India. In Christ, there is hope.




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September 25, 2019 | Dan Celia

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