Exterro Covid Relief Matching Drive

Your gifts will be MATCHED to facilitate an Emergency Food Relief program for those with disabilities in Tamil Nadu, India.

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 You can keep people with disabilities in Tamil Nadu, India from starvation.

Covid-19 has created a disaster of enormous magnitude for the poor in India. The government lockdown has stopped day laborers from being able to earn a living and they have no way to buy food or pay their bills.  The poor in India are desperate for food, their survival is precarious. They're out of work, out of food and out of money.  Worse, they have no hope.

How you can be the difference:

Your gift will provide food and essentials to hungry children and families of the disabled.

Your gift will provide those with the greatest need enough help to survive for about 21 days. $45 will provide sufficient food, soap, sanitizer and masks for one family.  When you give today, Exterro will match your gift, so your $50 gift becomes $100, a $500 gift becomes a $1000.

Additionally, all gifts Exterro employees give will be matched 2X (so if you give $1, Exterro double matches at $2, total of $3) and then if you share the link with friends, family, connections on social media etc... Exterro will also match those contributions 1X. Your generosity allows your social circle to join you in easing the hunger of even more families!

How many families can you help today?