Thellaraigudem Village

Thellaraigudem Village


People: Several different people groups are represented in the church, mostly from Tribal and Backward caste communities. They are very poor and many older adults are illiterate. Alcoholism is common in the community.

They are Hindu and also animists with an influence of Hinduism. There are a few Muslim families in the village as well.


Water: Last year, India Partners installed a water well in the village. Before well installation, they received WASH training (WASH stands for Water Accessibility, Sanitation and Hygiene) and are beginning to experience the benefits of clean water on their health, education and economics. Transformation has already begun to take effect in their village. People from several nearby villages are coming to draw water from the well. This has opened opportunities to reach out to these villages with the Gospel. The effects of clean, safe water are more than we expected.


Status of the church: The church is growing and we are training the congregation in a chronological Bible study that was developed for people without any prior knowledge of the Bible. Pastor Joshua has grown the church from infancy. He is working to mature the congregation. As the believers mature, they will be able to reach the nearby villages. Most villagers have limited education but the youth are mostly literate. Pastor Joshua feels the best church growth will come by focusing on the youth.

Most of the villagers work in agriculture. They live in very simple homes and have almost nothing as far as resources. Therefore the church is also poor, although they do have a thatched roof meeting area.


If you are interested in connecting with an Indian church, please contact John by email,, or call, 541-683-0696.



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