Ganga Raju Koram Pethuru

About Me
My name is Ganga Raju Koram Pethuru. I'm a 54-year-old.

My birthday is
January 1, 1967.
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Andhra Pradesh

My Story

Pastor Ganga Raju was born and raised in a poor, Hindu family. Due to poverty, he had to stop his studies after the 5th grade and began work as a daily laborer to help support his family. After he got a little older, Ganga Raju got a job as an assistant salesman. Before he accepted Jesus as his savior, he did not have any peace or joy in his life. But, after hearing the Gospel preached and accepting Christ, his life has been full of peace and joy.

Five years after his salvation, the Lord spoke to Ganga Raju asking him to become a minister. Shortly after this revelation, Ganga Raju married his wife and they began doing evangelism work. Pastor Ganga Raju planted a church in a tribal village and is currently ministering there along with his family. Your support will provide proper food, clothing and a safe place to live for Pastor Ganga Raju and his family.