Church Planting

Church Planting

The people of India are very relational. Church is not a man standing in front of a building on Sunday espousing thoughts we agree with. It is experiencing Jesus, worshipping Jesus and getting to know Jesus through His people. It begins with a relationship, with someone sharing the life of Christ through their own life. We call these people Church Planters (Pastors). Church Planters live the life of a Missionary. Since their church is usually made up of new believers coming from very poor situations, they are dependent on outside resources to support their families. Church Planters have three main ways of sharing the Gospel with those they meet.

Personal Evangelism

They meet people where they work, in the fields or in their home. They get to know them, share stories from scripture, pray for them and counsel them. In all of these steps they are looking for God to work through them and to draw people into the church.

House churches

People will gather at the pastor’s home or the home of someone in a village who has shown interest. Sometimes the only Christian at a meeting is the pastor. Still they will sing, pray and read scripture. Discipleship begins long before people become believers. The meetings are small and may happen any day of the week.

Outreach through Transformation

Spiritual Transformation often happens in the context of another area of transformation. The Church Planter facilitates transformation through; Health, Economic, Educational or other means. When people have experienced one form of Transformation, they open up to other areas. Water wells are a way of bringing Health Transformation to a village. A church in the USA can partner with a church in India. They can share prayer requests, sponsor a pastor, and help with Transformation or other projects. Because they are relationally involved, the needs of widows, orphans, the sick and poor are all part of what the church will deal with in India. It is as if we step into the early church, doing church like they did in the book of Acts.

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