Kotthagundugudem Village


People: The people are internally displaced Tribals from the state of Chhattisgarh. Through oppression from Maoist guerrillas and the connivance of big business ventures, they were forced off their land. Not wanted anywhere, they found a place to exist in the remote jungles of the state of Andhra Pradesh. However living here is very difficult. They are plagued by the ill effects of poverty. They are landless and work as farm laborers for little pay, raise goats, or fish in the local rivers.

They are animists with an influence of Hinduism.


Water: Recently, India Partners installed a water well in their village. Before well installation, they received WASH training (WASH stands for Water, Accessibility, Sanitation and Hygiene) and are beginning to experience the benefits of clean water on their health, education and economics. Transformation has already begun to take effect in their village.


Status of the church: The church is still in the developmental stage. When we did research in the village, we discovered that several people had attended church in Chhattisgarh. Due to their remote location, they could not attend church anymore. One lady said her husband would not allow her to attend church because it was very far away.

Pastor Joshua is bringing a small team to the village to help develop relationships and disciple people who are interested. His plan is to have Praveen, a young man training to be a pastor, become the church planter once a small house church is established.


If you are interested in connecting with an Indian church, please contact John by email, john@indiapartners.org, or call, 541-683-0696.



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