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India Partners announces goal to bring clean water to 119,000 people in India on World Water Day 2013

on Thursday, 22 March 2012. Posted in Press

March 22, 2012

Eugene, OR, March 22, 2012 – Today, on World Water Day, India Partners announces its goal to bring clean water to 119,000 people in India by World Water Day 2013. The need for clean water in India is great. 128 million people in India lack safe drinking water, and those without easy access to clean, safe water face tough obstacles.

Poor Health: Unsafe drinking water carries waterborne illnesses and 21% of all communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe drinking water.

Poverty: In the slums, clean water is only available for a few hours per day. Those who miss their opportunity to collect water from the public tap will be without water until the next day.

Absent Mothers: On average, a rural woman in India walks more than 8,700 miles a year just to fetch water. The time spent collecting water prevents mothers from caring for their children at home.

Lack of Education: Young girls share the role of collecting water for their families, and many lose the opportunity to go to school because they spend up to one-third of their day fetching water.

Thanks to support from organizations like Asian White Coffee, Child Project International, and individual donors, India Partners installed water wells in 40 villages in 2011, and brought clean water to nearly 65,000 people in India.

Through the support of individual donors and private foundations, India Partners plans to install water wells in 96 villages in India and bring clean water to 119,000 people by World Water Day 2013. Each water well costs a total of $155 to install.

To join India Partners’ efforts to bring clean water to India, or to donate, please visit, or call toll-free 1.877.87.INDIA.

About India Partners:
India Partners works alongside a broad group of indigenous, faith-based grassroots agencies in India focused on alleviating poverty and injustice. India Partners believes in helping the people of India help themselves, regardless of caste, religion, gender or creed. We seek support from others who share our passion to empower change.

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