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How will you celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd?

on Wednesday, 21 March 2012. Posted in Stories

How will you celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd?

Dear Friend,

This month, nations around the world will be celebrating World Water Day on March 22nd. Did you know that in India alone 128 million people lack safe drinking water? In India, those without easy access to clean, safe drinking water face tough obstacles.

Poor Health: Unsafe drinking water carries waterborne illnesses and 21% of all communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe drinking water.

Poverty: In the slums, clean water is only available for a few hours per day. Those who miss their opportunity to collect water from the public tap will be without water until the next day.

Absent Mothers: On average, a rural woman in India walks more than 8,700 miles a year just to fetch water. The time spent collecting water prevents mothers from caring for their children at home.

Lack of Education: Young girls share the role of collecting water for their families, and many lose the opportunity to go to school because they spend one-third of their day fetching water.

For millions of people across India, their most basic necessity for life – water – is also one of their biggest enemies. Can you imagine?

But there is hope! Thanks to support from Asian White Coffee, Child Project International, and friends like you, we were able to install water wells in 40 villages in 2011, serving nearly 65,000 people in India.

I want to share a story with you from one woman whose community was greatly impacted through the use of a local water well.

Karuna lives in a village where conflict is normal between the higher and lower castes, especially when it pertains to the right to use the local water source. As the lower castes, mostly “Dalits” or “untouchables,” attempted to collect water from the local well, they were met with conflict and fighting. The higher castes prevented them from drawing water, forcing Karuna and her Dalit community to fetch water from dirty water sources, which were farther away and put them at risk for contracting waterborne illnesses.

India Partners recently installed a water well in Karuna’s community, and they rejoiced because now they can collect clean, fresh water - free of conflict. The local water well is a great blessing to the Dalit community in Karuna’s village, and they are extremely thankful for those who recognized that even the poorest of the poor need clean water too.

As we rejoice with women like Karuna on World Water Day 2012, we have a vision to rejoice with 119,000 more people in India, that they too can have access to clean water. Will you help us bring clean water to 119,000 people in India over the next year?

Please pray for our efforts to bring clean water to 119,000 people in India. And, if possible, please send a generous gift of $20, $30, $50 or more today to help people like Karuna. Each water well costs a total of $155 to install.

You can give securely online by clicking “donate now” and selecting “water wells” from the drop-down menu.

Thank you for your prayers and compassion. We look forward to raising a glass of clean water with you and 119,000 more people in India next year on World Water Day 2013.

May God bless you,

Brent Sig

Brent Hample
India Partners

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