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From brothel to full-time nurse - Sunita's story

on Monday, 02 April 2012. Posted in Stories

Multiplying stories like Sunita's through our $10,000 Spring Matching Drive.

From brothel to full-time nurse - Sunita's story

Throughout the past 28 years, I have seen God work miracle after miracle in the lives of the poor, sick, traumatized and vulnerable in India. Every now and then, a story stands out and especially moves me due to the dramatic transformation that has taken place in someone's life. I'd like to share one such story with you today.

Sunita was 20 years old when her mother sold her into a brothel in the red-light districts of Mumbai, India. Deceived by her own family, Sunita thought that she would be given a high-paying office job in the city. When Sunita realized her plight as a commercial sex worker, she pleaded daily with her pimp, begging to be let go. The pimp told Sunita that unless she paid her debt, he would not allow her to leave. After being enslaved for two months, Sunita met the staff of Sahaara Charitable Society, our partner agency working to rescue women and children from the red-light districts of Mumbai.

Within a few weeks of attending Sahaara's weekly Bible studies in the heart of the red-light area, Sunita asked the Sahaara staff to pray with her that her pimp would set her free. The next morning Sunita once again protested with her pimp and asked to be released. Incredibly, the pimp forgave her debt and set her free - an unheard-of miracle! She immediately contacted Sahaara's staff, and they warmly welcomed her into a safe house where she could live and study.

Since that time, Sunita has learned to read and write and she eventually entered a nursing program. Sunita recently obtained a full-time job using her nursing skills and has moved to a new city with a completely new life! Through God's power and individuals like you, we are working to multiply stories like Sunita's and bring hope to those who are in desperate need. (Sunita's photo is not shown above for her protection.)

This spring we have a special opportunity to continue multiplying the work of India Partners. Thanks to a gift from my late father, every gift you give to our Spring Matching Drive by May 31st will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000.

Would you give a special one-time gift of $50, $150, $250, or more to our Spring Matching Drive? And please say a prayer for Sunita and the many women who remain trapped in a life without hope. Your prayers are truly powerful.

To give, please click "Donate Now" and select "Matching Drive" from the Program Area drop-down menu. Or, please mail a check to India Partners and write "Matching Drive" in the memo line. To ensure your gift is matched, it must be postmarked by May 31st.

Thank you for your generosity. May we continue to see many miracles in India!

Blessings to you,

Brent Sig

Brent Hample
India Partners

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