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U.S. Couple honors friends’ new marriage by donating a goat to a family in India

on Monday, 17 October 2011. Posted in Stories

U.S. Couple honors friends’ new marriage by donating a goat to a family in India

Vineet Wahi and his new bride, Lisa, recently donated a goat to India Partners in honor of their friends’ wedding. Why a goat you ask? Here is what Vineet told us.

“Our good friends were getting married and we wanted to get them a meaningful gift. We knew them to be generous and charitable people who didn't really need any towels or another crystal vase. The idea of giving a goat to a family in need halfway around the world seemed to be the perfect gift. They loved the present and reciprocated with a similar gift to India Partners for me and my wife who had just been married a month earlier.”

Today, the creative generosity of these two couples is making a huge impact in India, as each goat provides live-sustaining income to a family in need.

India Partners’ Goat Project was developed to help serve a community of islanders living in extreme poverty on a river island off the coast of Andhra Pradesh, India. In 2005, and again in 2009, floods decimated the island, leaving the islanders without sustainable ways to generate income. Today, India Partners is addressing the needs of this river island community through a multi-faceted redevelopment project, which includes providing income-generating goats to replace those lost in the floods.

Each family participating in the Goat Project receives one goat, which produces two liters of milk per day. The families are able to use part of the milk to feed their families and sell the remainder for income. Because grass for grazing is limited in the area as it still recuperates from the floods, this project includes providing the families with funds to purchase “start-up” feed for the goats, until they can start producing an income.

Today, India Partners’ Goat Project has helped approximately 98 families. Savithri and her daughter are one such family.

Savithri is a single mother with one daughter. Her parents are ill, and she has no one to help care for her daughter. Savithri searched for work, but being a young woman, she faced harassment from the men in her village and was afraid to go to work. Savithri prayed to God for help, and soon after heard about India Partners Goat Project. Savithri now has her own goat, and is able to earn an income close to her home, without harassment. She is so thankful for the India Partners Goat Project.

Give a goat to a family living in extreme poverty in India:

$110 provides one goat and enough feed for one year

Click “Donate Now” and select “Goats” from the drop-down menu. Thank you.

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